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2019 exhibit 2 artist


Katie Henderson is known for her restless and expressive abstract paintings. She often employs the use of bold colors and gestural movements. Her large-scale works have been described as captivating, rich in dimension and design. She is a self-taught artist in Oklahoma City, who has been well received by art collectors and interior designers. Katie‚Äôs artwork and photography have recently been displayed at Oklahoma Contemporary’s Art Now 2019 exhibit.


Quietly observing nature and the people in my life, I use a rich lyrical language of color, shape, form and balance. Through my paintings my intent is to bring about a meaning that is spiritual, organic, and whimsical. I find happiness and release in my paintings, and the abstract compositions allow for a freedom of interpretation. My paintings don’t aim to convey a narrative, but rather they invite the viewer to experience a reflection of their own life meaning.