kendall schulz

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kendall schulz

kendall schulz began pursuing art as a hobby while working as an accountant in chicago. inspired by the patterns and colors in quilts and native american trade blankets, kendall builds up multiple layers in her linear-driven paintings. her work has been shown at the art hall, paseo smallart show, paseo members’ show, individual artists of oklahoma and philbrook festival (tulsa). originally from sapulpa, kendall is a stay-at-home mom in edmond.

as a person who loves order, routine and predictability, abstract painting constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone – no planning, just painting (the inner accountant battling the inner artist, i suppose). although the end product is unplanned, each line is thoughtful and intentional. i love lines, layers, color and contrast. the small details of dots and dashes are the seams that bind the piece together. in the end, many become one of several layers and, although unseen, they make the piece whole.

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