exhibit 3

sept 26 thru nov 8, 2019


opening reception

thursday, sept 26, 2019 | 6-9pm




415 north broadway, suite 101

oklahoma city, ok 73102

exhibit 3 artists

tammy brummell profile picture
tammy brummell profile picture

tammy brummell

Tammy Brummell is an established Oklahoma based artist and designer, working in fine art and design. Her works are included in galleries, public venues, private collections, and retail locations. She has participated in over 40 art exhibitions over the past 10 years. Tammy has been featured in print publications, videos and television, including The Oklahoman, Edmond Magazine, Oklahoma Arts and Humanities Magazine, The Gazette, @1614 video by Christopher Hunt, Is this a Great State or What, FOX 25, KSBI, KFOR. She is currently working on projects that explore color, shape, texture and methods.


Tammy is currently working on a mixed media series which reflects on abstract expressionism and collage. The process is organic and spontaneous and represents personal growth threaded through an ever changing world. The art itself is alive with color and movement using bold brush strokes, texture and collage.

Jon Burris head shot oklahoma city artist

Jon Burris

Jon Burris is a native Oklahoman who has been active in the Oklahoma City arts scene since the early 1970s. Professionally he has had a career as both a working photographer and a fine art curator functioning for clients locally and internationally. He served as Director of Photography for the National Cowboy Museum and Western Heritage Center, Director of the Robert A. Hefner III Collection of Contemporary Chinese Art, Curator of the Christian K. Keesee Collection of Russian Art, Director of the Brett Weston Archive and Curator of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) collection.


I have been extremely fortunate to have watched the appreciation of photography as a fine art medium develop since the mid-1970’s. In my duel capacity as a photographer and a curator I have been able to work with many artists that I admire and respect, each influencing me in different ways. I have moved from analog to digital photography appreciating the differences in each process. With the same regard I have witnessed styles and trends change from decade to decade. At this stage in my life, the satisfaction for me is being able to personally exhibit my photographs as my own art.

Erin Cooper 2018 profile Picture small

erin cooper

Erin Cooper is a contemporary abstract figurative artist based in OKC. Erin grew up on the Oregon Coast cultivating a passion for creating visual art. She pursued a career in graphic design, and formed a creative studio, CooperHouse, with her husband. Erin began incorporating elements of fine art into her designs, then rediscovered her love of painting. 

Erin’s work is bright, energetic, and incorporates graphic elements and the human form. The mediums vary widely and include watercolor, acrylic, oil, pencil, charcoal, ink and wax pastels. Her style is marked by fearless use of color.


My work is about creating relationships between divergent elements. These elements first communicate chaos that is then formed into something meaningful.

My medium is primarily paint on canvas, but the exploration of various media is part of my process. I want to allow experimentation and emotion to co-mingle in chaos, but ultimately leverage the struggle and the unexpected challenges to create something that is relevant.

works by Erin Cooper Place Holder Image
Lawrence Hultberg-Profile-Picture-250

Lawrence Hultberg

An American photographer and abstract painter born in 1953, Hultberg’s parents were artists active in the emerging New York School of Art that fostered some of the most notable and celebrated artists of the twentieth century. Though he was not classically trained and considers himself self-taught, Hultberg feels he greatly benefited from his surroundings and exposure to a wide range of contemporary influences within the world of Modern Art.


My latest body of work, Urban Abstracts, are digital prints based on original photography capturing the textures, colors, geometric shapes and patterns found within the urban landscape. Taken out of context and produced to look like paintings, these images take on new dimensions reminiscent of modern art from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s; including abstract expressionism, constructivism and op art.


christie owen

a native new yorker, christie owen lives in edmond, oklahoma and divides her time as an artist and graphic designer. her 2d and 3d works are included in global museums, galleries, public venues, private collections & retail locations. she has been featured in numerous printed publications, television shows & documentaries. christie is both co-founder & curator of verbode urban core artists and owner of hive design web & graphic studio.


christie owen creates art to escape the technological realm. with themes ranging from texture and light to nature and seasons, her work explores primitivism and minimalism. in order to find visual solutions and keep evolving, she utilizes a variety of tools, mediums and applications to transfer concepts and techniques from project to project. creating art allows her to slow down and capture a visceral experience. with a playful and organic feel, her paintings utilize a variety of techniques and applications to create a sense of enduring tranquility in our modern world.

Jim Thompson profile pic for urban core artists exhibit 3

jim thompson

Master of Architecture Degree
Oklahoma State University

Thompson Associates
Designers/Building Contractors

New Century Investments
Hotels & Restaurants

Most recent display: Atlanta WTC, 2019


My Primary Medium:
Acrylic, applied with palette knives

My Objective:
To achieve bold statements;
abstract compositions with
an emphasis on vibrancy of color

jarica walsh headshot

Jarica Walsh

Jarica Walsh is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma, receiving her BFA in Media Arts with an emphasis in Filmmaking. She is a visual artist working in ceramics and paper. She is an active curator, including Symbiotic, Scorched Earth: Subversive Ceramics, and Take A Seat. Walsh is the Director of Art in Public Places for the Oklahoma Arts Council. Walsh was born in Pawhuska and is a proud member of the Osage Nation. She lives and works in Oklahoma City, maintaining a studio in the Paseo Arts District.


I am heavily influenced by an early connection with circles, a compulsion to collect scraps of paper, and the constant desire to spend time alone with trees. I am a multidisciplinary artist, working mostly in ceramics. My sculptural works seek a balance and harmony of shape and pattern, reflecting our connection to the earth and the universe. I am motivated by the core principles of optimism, appreciation, and inclusion, and these concepts are driving forces across my artistic practice.

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