exhibit 2

july 25 thru sept. 13, 2019


opening reception

thursday, july 25, 2019 | 6-9pm




415 north broadway, suite 101

oklahoma city, ok 73102

exhibit 2 artists

christie owen photo for urban core artists

exhibit 2 artists

christie owen photo for urban core artists

christie owen

Denise Duong-Urban Core Artists-Oklahoma City-Large

Denise Duong

Jason Pawley - Urban Core Artists-Oklahoma City

jason pawley

Kerri Shadid headshot

kerri shadid

Mat Hoffman in glider for urban core artists exhibit 2

mathew hoffman


matt glazner

Nathan Lee-Profile urban core artist

nathan lee

reian williams

reian williams

christie owen photo for urban core artists 150

christie owen

a native new yorker, christie owen lives in edmond, oklahoma and divides her time as an artist and graphic designer. her 2d and 3d works are included in global museums, galleries, public venues, private collections & retail locations. she has been featured in numerous printed publications, television shows & documentaries. christie is both co-founder & curator of verbode urban core artists and owner of hive design web & graphic studio.


christie owen creates art to escape the technological realm. with themes ranging from texture and light to nature and seasons, her work explores primitivism and minimalism. in order to find visual solutions and keep evolving, she utilizes a variety of tools, mediums and applications to transfer concepts and techniques from project to project. creating art allows her to slow down and capture a visceral experience. with a playful and organic feel, her paintings utilize a variety of techniques and applications to create a sense of enduring tranquility in our modern world.

Denise Duong-Urban Core Artists-Oklahoma City

Denise Duong

I was born on a cold early morning in January in Oklahoma City in front of St. Anthony’s Hospital.  I’ve been passionately creating work since my first memories. I’ve never been distracted from creating art. It’s part of my being and I think I would shrivel up and die without it. My professional career began with my first show at JRB Art at the Elms in Oklahoma City over 15 years ago at the age of 23. I started showing nationwide a few years after that and its been a ball.  The best ball ever.

If we take the time to lift our heads up and look around and take in the colors, the mannerisms, the sounds, smells and inhale life, there are so many little details that make up a story.  Within that story is another story, and within that story is another story.

Jason Pawley - Urban Core Artists-Oklahoma City-small

Jason Pawley

There is a fine line. You can over do anything and you can not do anything, for the fear of over doing it.


You see his murals everywhere in OKC! His signature style employs the use of vivid colors, organic lines, nature themes and patterns. A local favorite & we are so pleased to present his work!

Kerri Shadid headshot

kerri shadid

Kerri Shadid is an Oklahoma City-based poet and visual artist. She was the 2014-2015 SPACE Artist-in-Residence at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in downtown OKC. She has had solo and group shows at galleries in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, and Lawton.  Before returning to Oklahoma City, Kerri studied UN peacekeeping as a Fulbright student at McGill University in Montreal and received her Master’s in the Humanities and Social Thought from New York University. 


My poetry and art are often absurd or whimsical and celebrate playfulness and curiosity. I create artwork using my hand-marbled papers, turning them into adorable animal scenes, abstract art, and handmade books of poetry. I also write spontaneous, custom poems for visitors to my Poetry Stand, which I often perform around the metro and the region.

Mat Hoffman in glider for urban core artists exhibit 2

Mat Hoffman

Dropping in for exhibit 2! Oklahoma native and BMX legend Mat Hoffman is an avid painter when he is not in the air. Anywhere you go within the BMX Freestyle scene, the name Mat Hoffman is bound to come up. In fact, Hoffman’s reputation stretches beyond the BMX Freestyle world and into the mainstream. He is, without question, the greatest Vert-ramp rider in the history of the sport. Mat’s narrative paintings depict colorful dreamscapes that ignite imaginations and spark questions that only the “Condor” can answer.


“The truest thing to me is dreaming. And if you dream hard enough – it becomes reality And sometimes when you’re a compulsive dreamer… Then reality doesn’t have a choice.”- Mat Hoffman

exhibit 2

matt Glazner

Matt Glazner. Born 10/8/1970 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Abstract Artist working with no discernible subject matter. Paintings in Acrylic, Chalk and Varnish on Canvas and Wood.


The Beauty of Art is the way it changes.

nathan lee profile picture for urban core artists exhibit 2

Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee is a well known visual artist and art activist from Oklahoma. He is the founder of Inclusion in Art and is best known for his efforts towards creating a more racially diverse art community in Oklahoma. Lee is also the co-producer of the groundbreaking film “TRANSCEND” which explores the lives and creative process of five Black artists living and working in Oklahoma. “TRANSCEND” is the first Oklahoma film to focus on the Black creative class in the state and the first to document artists from the Black Visual Arts Movement now being experienced in Oklahoma.


My current work explores transformation of the physical form. They are inspired by mythology and ideas of what man’s place in nature is.

reian williams

reian williams

through out reians childhood, he has been drawing and painting from the age of seven when he recieved his first artbook that his parents bought him. when returning back to south florida, he then started a mural and decorative painting business. during that 18 years, he had adorned his work in homes though out the east coast. in his travels and spending endless time in museums though out europe, he always admired the portrait and figurative works of the old masters. so he then wanted to make his own legacy of his life.


for most artists, their creativity in their art is based on an emotion. either from an intimacy to or from the subject, or an emotion the artist wants to give or take from the viewer. but very little art provokes all of these like a portrait. it’s a certain feeling and thought process that both the subject and viewer can experience. reian has mastered this experience in that he can capture the thoughts in the eyes, the wisdom in the wrinkles, and the confidence in the pose. for this is the sign of a true modern master.

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