exhibit 1

april 18 thru july 12, 2019


opening reception

april 18, 2019



415 north broadway, suite 101

oklahoma city, ok 73102

exhibit 1 artists


katie henderson

Katie Henderson is known for her restless and expressive abstract paintings. She often employs the use of bold colors and gestural movements. Her large-scale works have been described as captivating, rich in dimension and design. She is a self-taught artist in Oklahoma City, who has been well received by art collectors and interior designers. Katie’s artwork and photography have recently been displayed at Oklahoma Contemporary’s Art Now 2019 exhibit.


Quietly observing nature and the people in my life, I use a rich lyrical language of color, shape, form and balance. Through my paintings my intent is to bring about a meaning that is spiritual, organic, and whimsical. I find happiness and release in my paintings, and the abstract compositions allow for a freedom of interpretation. My paintings don’t aim to convey a narrative, but rather they invite the viewer to experience a reflection of their own life meaning.

tim kowalczyk-fun-urbancore artist 1

tim kowalczyk

Graduated with his MFA from Illinois State University in 2011, Tim maintains a full-time studio practice from home in Minonk, IL. Tim has participates in a steady stream of juried, group, invitational, and solo exhibitions. He has received the Presidential Scholarship at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Merwin Medal: McLean County 82nd Annual Amateur Show, and Best of Show: Water Street Studios Anniversary Show. Tim’s work can be seen in private collections, University collections, and in a recent American Craft Magazine article. Tim


Pathetic, absurd, antiquated, banal or even garbage are words that best describe the objects I am drawn to. These types of objects hold my attention because of the stories they can tell and what they can mean. Many times I find objects at thrift stores, yard sales or the side of the road. I am collector, picker and poet that sculpts, forms, designs and constructs sculptures with sense of purpose, priority, and preciousness. I want people to see the beauty and narrative that is held within simple overlooked objects.


christie owen

a native new yorker, christie owen lives in edmond, oklahoma and divides her time as an artist and graphic designer. her 2d and 3d works are included in global museums, galleries, public venues, private collections & retail locations. she has been featured in numerous printed publications, television shows & documentaries. christie is both co-founder & curator of verbode urban core artists and owner of hive design web & graphic studio.


christie owen creates art to escape the technological realm. with themes ranging from texture and light to nature and seasons, her work explores primitivism and minimalism. in order to find visual solutions and keep evolving, she utilizes a variety of tools, mediums and applications to transfer concepts and techniques from project to project. creating art allows her to slow down and capture a visceral experience. with a playful and organic feel, her paintings utilize a variety of techniques and applications to create a sense of enduring tranquility in our modern world.

trevar peterson profile pic

trevar peterson

Trevar Peterson was born in Oklahoma City. He received an AA in Technical Communications with an option in Illustration/Multimedia at OSU OKC. He has participated in the Refreshing the Palette event to benefit OVAC for the past 7 years. He is a recognized pumpkin carver and has appeared on local news in special interest pieces to showcase his talent. He has created art in a variety of forms including sculpture, lenticular design, hand drawn and digital illustration. He enjoys using new mediums and sees his art as having an ever evolving personality.


I have a hard time pinpointing my specific artistic style, however, writing is not it. I prefer making visual art over the written word, and my medium changes all the time. What I like about this project is that it invites the viewer to take a closer look at the depth of the minimal colors and shapes, but then allows them to step back and see a larger picture. To achieve this effect I have used layers of epoxy resin to encapsulate color swatches set in a pattern to produce an image that can be seen as abstract when viewed up close, and with more definition when viewed from a distance.

marissa raglin-urbancore artists-verbode-oklahoma city

marissa raglin

Marissa Raglin is a visual artist living in Oklahoma City currently working in analog collage and resin. Raglin is a nationally exhibited artist and can be found knee-deep in old illustration books and magazines plucked from thrift stores and half-priced book shops. Raglin received her BA in Studio Art from Oklahoma Baptist University. Raglin was the the 2017-18 Skirvin Paseo Artist in Residence and currently has her studio in the Paseo Plunge in the historic Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City.


I create ethereal, whimsical collage works of art. Creating with images delicately removed with a cutting blade from vintage magazines, books, and postcards, I work exclusively with unaltered imagery. The images are compiled and become unified, telling one story. Negative space in my work provides the images with room for conversation. I am inspired by the ever-changing role of the woman, and it’s societal pressures and complexities. I remove the dated, “quintessential” women from their surroundings and create new, modern narratives.

kendall schulz-oklahoma artists

kendall schulz

Kendall Schulz began pursuing art as a hobby while working as an accountant in Chicago. Inspired by the patterns and colors in quilts and Native American trade blankets, Kendall builds up multiple layers in her linear-driven paintings. Her work has been shown at The Art Hall, Paseo SmallArt Show, Paseo Members’ Show, Individual Artists of Oklahoma and Philbrook Festival (Tulsa). Originally from Sapulpa, Kendall is a stay-at-home mom in Edmond.


As a person who loves order, routine and predictability, abstract painting constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone – no planning, just painting (the inner accountant battling the inner artist, I suppose). Although the end product is unplanned, each line is thoughtful and intentional. I love lines, layers, color and contrast. The small details of dots and dashes are the seams that bind the piece together. In the end, many become one of several layers and, although unseen, they make the piece whole.

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