urban core artist at verbode - oklahoma city, oklahoma


verbode urban core artists is an artist-run curatorial and event collaborative founded in 2016 by verbode real estate owner, sarah bytyqi and artist, christie owen in oklahoma city. the real estate group provides christie with a showroom for the year and hosts quarterly openings. christie elected to invite her fellow artists to participate as an initiative to attract more attention and support for local artists.



to present curated, visually stimulating and dynamic installations that reflect the flourishing creativity of the oklahoma art community.

to engage a diverse cross section of the public by hosting free and open to the public exhibits in an alternative space.

to develop relationships and encourage networking through an understanding and appreciation of art’s vital role in our community.

to support professional artists and emphasize the importance of local exposure in our community.

to contribute to the homeless alliance through artwork sales.



415 north broadway, suite 101

oklahoma city, ok 73102



Christie Owen

website: christieowen.com

phone: 405-604-7947